Public Notice No. 1 of 1997

Supplement to the Sierra Leone Gazette Vol. CXXV1I1, No. 16  

dated 27th February, 1997

public Notice No. 1 of 1997

Published 27th February, 1997

THE PORTS ACT, 1964 (No. 56 of 1964)

The Ports Authority (Tariffs) Regulations, 1997

In exercise of the powers conferred upon it by sect ion X6 and 78 of (the Ports Act, 1964, the Ports Authority with the approval of the Minister of Transport and Communications hereby makes the following Regulations—

[27 February, 1997]

1. In these Regulations unless the context otherwise requires

"berth" means a section of wharf, pier, jetty or quay or other fixed mooring facility at which a vessel can be moored.. (In Freetown the berths on Queen Elizabeth II quay are given nominal numbers 1 to 6);

"commencement of time" means the period between 2400 hours on the day of receipt of export cargo and 2400 hours on the day of departure of the carrying vessel from berth c« port, in the case of imported cargo;

"free storage time" means the specified period of time during which cargo or cargo containers may remain on port properly, subsequent to receipt by the port, free of any storage charges;

The Constitution of Sierra Leone, 1991 (AmendmentDecree

(2) Every member of the Police Council shall, before assuming the function of his office, take and subscribe the oath as set out in the Third Schedule to the Constitution of Sierra Leone, 1991

(3) The Permanent Secretary of the Department responsible for matters relating to the Police shall be Secretary to the Council."

Section 167 of the Constitution of Sierra Leone 1991 hereby repealed and replaced by the following new Section:-—

167. (1) There is hereby established a body to be known as the Defence Council which shall consist of-

(l) the Chairman, Armed forces Revolutionary Council, who shall be Chairman;

(ii) the Chief Secretary of State;

(iii) the Under Secretary of State for Defence;

(iv ) the Chief of Defence Staff;

(v) the Commanders of the Armed Forces   (Army, Navy and Air Force) and their  Deputies;

(vi) the Secretary of State, Internal Affairs;

(vii) two other persons as the Chairman, Armed Forces Revolutionary Council, shall from time to time appoint.

(2) Every member of the Defence Council shall,'before assuming the function of his office, take and subscribe the oath as set out in the Third Schedule to the Constitution of Sierra Leone, 1991.

(3) The Permanent Secretary of the Department of Defence shall be the Secretary to the Council."

Made and issued this 3rd day of December, 1997.


Chairman, Armed Forces Revolutionary Council.

27 February 1997