Owen Atere-Roberts v Irene Momoh (C.c 722/05) [2006] SLHC 18 (10 November 2006);

(.('. 722 / 05                        24-S       2005


I'\   TIIE Hl(;ll  COl'RT OF SIERRA  LEO.'\E









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Fnday I(!"'

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Hc!'orc \tr:-. Justice:\ Sho\\t:J's  J



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llr. \\·.s.  Mnrcus .Jones  Lsq. li,r plainllll








I he plaint1ffrn this matter i.'i b; a \\'rit of Summon.-.; dated.?_{/· June 2(JfJ5 claiming again:-.t the dckndant a <.kclarati(ll1 \hat he is  the  fee simple 1.J\\  ncr or land  and  pn:111t l':-.  situall'  I  111  and being .it  4  Dougan Stred  Freetown and  for po:-.scssion  or same  from the dl'!l'ndanl                                                                                                                [ he

pltnntiffat a later stage of the proceedings applied to amend the claim li}"dinst the dek·ndant to  incIudL· a n:, oca Iion nf the I kcd or Ci i rt Lfa tcd J J ' 1 .Ianua ry I ()<)(1 e\.pre _-;_-.;ed to he Ill<H.k IK·l,, l.'l.'11 the  ptaintiffiJS  donor  and  th(' defendant  as  Donel· and  registered a:-. \;o.  25    9(i  in ,olunh-'   Ci   at

pag,e 7{J or the Books or Volunta1) ( ·011\"L'>ances in the office or the Reµistrar ( ielll.Tal. ! he necessary  lem·e  was grnntcd  for tl1l' relief  to be  added.



In the part1,:ulars nr ,:I aim. the plaintiff st llcs that he is thL' O\\ I1L'r in k·L' sirnpk o!' till' land and pri.:mises :-.itu.ite at  -f Dougan Street frL·ctn\\ n and  that thl' prnpL-rty \\a:-. de\ 1scd Ill   him    hy

l'bUSl' S o!'the h.1:·-,t \\'ill and Testament o!'his fathL'r, Marcu:-. Si)::isrnotH! R.olll'Ib d.itl'd -f:,; October! {J7J and that he got possL'SSion of the sun1c thcreby.  I le further ,illc):!L'S that thl'

dl'IC-ndant \\as and  has ah\ays been  a ll'nant  in  rL'spect o!'tlll' said  prL'l1llSl':-..  \\'hen  he  kll   il! in

] tJlJ-, ,rnd \\'{h admittL·d in hospital he states that the dcfL·ndant :-.topJK'd  pa:, 111µ  rent  t(i him and llll\\-  claim ..... that  the  property  is hers a:-. shL' alleges hL· made a  Deed  or ( ,i!t of the :-.aid  propcrt; in  her  frl\our.


The pl.1intiff in his e\·idencc rL'itcrated tl1L·se assertions and l'\plaillL'd thal 1t \\'d:- ct!'kr he

lk·c unc :-.eriou:-;I; ill and\\ ;i:-, ho.spiulisl'd that thL· lkk'ndant :-.toppl'd pa:, 111g rL·nt         I k ....aid that    l1L' had L·atJ:..e to institute pro(cl...'dinb!.:-:- ;1ga1nst  her 1n the \tai;i.....trate:-. c·uurt  r(ir IITL\tr:-. ofrl.·nt  111 I'!%.  At  the trial oltlwt  mclltcr she alleged  that  he had  )c!i,en the house  to her.  Ik  stre"cd  that














he had not i\.l'll thehouse tn her h: Deed of Girt as she a!kgeJ or nthcn\ i:-.L'.   rh1...· said DL·cd

of (iift was h:ndcred in C\ idenCL' as I·.xhihit /\. I le !'urthcr testified that alkr his illnL·s.s  hi." health  deteriora!L'd and  he  \\a:-. _...,ometilllL':-. dcliriou.-..   lk  lknicd l'\L'r g1\·in  in:-,!ru1._·1ill!h  tu a

.sol ici(or  to  prep !n,;' a  I kcd    Of (ii  It  n f the  said  rrl'llllSC  in  !i1\'(ll!r  or1 he  lkk·ndant.   I k also





:-:;nlicitnr  in:-,tniL·tions to  prepare a  Deed o!'(Jift.  I k  tcstilicd  that  \\'hen  he disco,·cn:d  the e.\istcncc of the said -lkcd or ( ,il't. he \\"l.'111 to  cunsu!t  a soliL·itor  \Ir  i"L·jan  ( ·ok  hut  did 11111 procL-cd  with  the  matter as he could  not  pay  the  fl'.t.'S he charged.   I le stated  that  he  alsu  spoke to another la11 ,er. the late \Ir  ( ·1aude ( ·ampbe\\  \\ ith  \\ horn he\\ as  lnc·ndl,  and  \Ir  (  a111pl1L·II tuld him he \\Olild Ulkl' steps to .'>ccun.· a !"l'\ocation of the said [kLd. I-le then introduu.:d him to another solicit,n  \\ ho  \\·a::; in charnhcrs  \\ ith  him called  \Ir  Se-;ay  hut  thL·  Ill..'\\_'r  prnL·l'Cdcd

\\ ith  the  Deed  of re,·LK'ation.




rhc plaintiff in his c,·idcnce admitted  that  the defendant  used  to pnl\ idc hirn \\ ith  rood and   that

shL· had UCCL''-:-. to hi:-. hlHl l' \\ hL'll he \\<.hill hut Lknicd that tht.' [ h:L·d nr (iii!\\ :h made for the

::;cn1cc:-.  she  had  rendered  him.   [k   stated  that  he had  S children  \\1th  \\horn  he  hcHJ ,t!Ood

rc!Jtinn:-.hip.  I k  denied  that lll' l'\er sigilL'd tht'. :-.aid Deed or(iift and  stn..:sSL'd  that the said

Deed  or Gift\\ as not his act  as  the signature on the document  \\-<.h  not  his O\\   n.  I k  ll'ndcrcd 111

c\·idL·ncc a SJK'cimen  ur his signature.



I k  thnefore  prayed thc1t the court  g:ranh the reliL·l':-- claimnl in thl'  aid \\'rit or Sumnwn:-..



I ha\\.' listelll'd carehil!y  to the l'\·idcncc gin n by  the plaintiff.  The defendant  in thi:-.   matter





!ikd a rnitict'. or appearance and :i defence hut fai!l'd to turn up at the hearin):!. I kr (·oulhl'i h,.i:-.  also !ll)t turned  up although  notices of hearing \\t'rt.' sc1Ycd  on him                                         In till' l·irnim:-.t]llCL' not ha\illt', heard ciny e\'idcnL·e to till' c,mtrar;.  I bcltl'\l' the l'\tdcncc ol'lhc  pL.11111iff.  111.... 111\· \ll'\\ thcit Ill' has pro\'l'd  hi  GISL'  on ci balance nfprohahi!ities and judgment  is hereby gl\cll in his   fa\our. I thl'l"l'fore declare that the plaintiff is the rec simple O\\·ner orthl' land and pn:misc.-. situall' lying and  being at-+  Dougc111 StrL'el  Frecto\\ 11.   He  i-.; thcrd'orl' cntitkd  to po:-.SL'ssion  or  till' prnpcrty from the defendant. I als11 ordcr thl' re\·ocation ofthl· lkL·d ol"tii!"t l'\l)rLSSl'd tu h1..· made  hctwcc11 thc plaintiff as  Donor and  the defendant as !)once and  registered  as '.\o  25 l)(i   in

CicllL'r;d  Frt'L'lll\\'11.  The  defendant  sha!! pay the costs of tlll' action assessed at  Lc:Z  million

I  Lc2.11110.IJIIIJ)                                                                                                                             )         f (  L   ,                l

.,\_ S]Hl\\l'h .I

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