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Sierra Leone's Attorney General and Minister of Justice Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara has announced that a raft of legislative and practical changes are on the way for the country, a move which he hopes will signal to the world that "Sierra Leone is open for business". 

The Attorney General made his announcement at Sierra Leone's inaugural Commercial Law Summit held in Freetown on 14 March 2017. The event recognised the potential for promotion of the rule of law to drive economic prosperity in Sierra Leone, addressing gaps in commercial law and the justice system.    

Aminata's story: Justice for women who kill

Aminata* was only 17 when she was convicted of murdering her abusive ex-boyfriend and sentenced to death in 2010. She served on death row for six months before her sentence was reduced to life imprisonment. AdvocAid filed an appeal for Aminata in 2010, but now - 7 years later - she is still in prison awaiting judgement.


Aminata, like many other women in Sierra Leone, was the victim of domestic violence and killed her partner in self defence.

By Sabrina Mahtani